Taylor Donohue promoted to VP of Product at Third Summit

Third Summit is pleased to announce the appointment of Taylor Donohue to VP of Product. In her new role, Donohue will oversee the design and development of Alteon, the company’s flagship all-in-one hub for creative professionals. 

“Taylor is an incredible part of the team,” said Matt Cimaglia, co-founder and CEO of Third Summit. “Her relentless attention to detail, along with the energy she brings to the team every day, has been a large part of what drives this company.”

Donohue, employee number two at Third Summit, joined the team in March 2020 as a customer success specialist, building on her experience as a creative producer, photographer and videographer. She has since helped build Alteon into a platform helping thousands of content creators by ensuring a consistent user experience and coordinating projects between departments. 

Before joining Third Summit, she spent four years at The Female Quotient, a female-owned multi-disciplinary business that advances gender equality in the workplace, where she built the production department from the ground-up and helped grow the company’s social media audience to over 200,000 followers. 

“I’m very excited to take on this new role as VP of Product,” Donohue said. “I’m genuinely confident in our product and thankful to work in a space I’m so passionate about. Not only are we creating tools that help creators’ current needs, but we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s technologically possible. Every day I’m constantly reminded to think big and focus on building a solid foundation, but never stop questioning what’s possible and how we can keep Alteon on the cutting edge of technology.”

As a centralized platform for creative professionals, Alteon is constantly being upgraded with new functionalities to match the ever-evolving production industry, with goals to scale up alongside its users’ needs. In her new role, Donohue will oversee the roadmap of Alteon, including how it will incorporate Web3 technologies such as smart contracts, A.I. search and transcription functionality and NFT creation.