Alteon Opens Content-Upload Sites to Help Creators Collaborate on Productions Remotely

At debut locations in Manhattan and Burbank, specialists will upload creators’ digital assets to the cloud for free

Burbank, CA — Alteon has opened two high-speed content-upload sites, so creatives can begin collaborating on remote productions quickly, easily and hassle-free. 

The sites, located in Manhattan and Burbank, are staffed by production specialists who are uploading creative assets to the cloud for free. 

Content creators and production companies can simply hand off their digital assets, stored on drives, to an Alteon customer success specialist, who will promptly begin uploading and transcoding all assets to be housed on the Alteon Cloud platform. Alteon Cloud, built on blockchain technologies, is a secure all-in-one hub that allows production professionals to collaborate on projects remotely, share screener links with a single click and edit footage housed in the cloud.

These upload sites offer arguably the fastest way to upload content to the cloud for those who don’t have access to high-speed internet, are traveling without reliable connections or simply struggle with finding the time to upload hours of footage. 

After clients drop off or ship their drives to the upload sites, those devices are connected to computers equipped with Alteon Cloud’s Desktop Uploader, which is powered by IBM Aspera, leveraging the full bandwidth of the site’s high-speed internet. This exists in stark contrast to web-based uploaders, which are beholden to individuals’ home internet connections. 

Clients’ folder structures are conserved to help ensure a smooth ingest process, while the Alteon team handles all data with the utmost safety and security. Alteon Cloud—built on IBM Cloud, where all stored content is encrypted—was designed with a commitment to security demanded by professionals whose livelihoods depend on their content. 

“In some ways, this step brings us full-circle to where the industry was before digital productions,” says Matt Cimaglia, co-founder of Alteon. “Alteon’s new upload sites are the modern-day equivalent of old Hollywood film labs. As digital took over the industry, creatives took on the responsibility of handling footage themselves, and collaboration became cumbersome, if it was even possible. That process has become a burden. Creatives should spend less time uploading, transcoding and organizing, and more time doing the work they love.”

Alteon’s team in Burbank has already begun uploading a 40-year production archive for one client. There are also plans to launch a third upload site in Georgia by early 2022. For more information, or to contact one of the sites, please email

About Alteon

Alteon is a SaaS platform that makes it easier for creatives, brands and studios to work together. By leveraging A.I. and cloud technology, this comprehensive production ecosystem tackles key pain points for production professionals by helping users collaborate seamlessly, work more efficiently and organize assets more intuitively. Alteon is a subsidiary of Third Summit. For more, visit


Michael Fraiman