To fix the creative economy,
we're building creative solutions

Empowering every creator, from individual artists to global enterprises, through a network of SaaS cloud solutions. Third Summit is defining the next wave of the creator economy, innovating at the intersection of technology and creativity.

At Third Summit, our mission is to revolutionize the media supply chain, supporting the entire spectrum of creativity, from individual artisans to large enterprises. We're dedicated to building and acquiring companies that provide cutting-edge tools and platforms, empowering creators to produce, manage, and distribute content more efficiently and effectively. Our ecosystem nurtures innovation in the creator economy, ensuring every creative has access to the resources they need to turn their visions into reality.

Portfolio Companies was recognized as the NAB 2023 Product of the Year, highlighting its innovative approach to streamlining content creation and collaboration for creatives and production teams. This award underscores Alteon's significance in enhancing productivity and simplifying workflows in the creative industry through its comprehensive cloud-based platform.

Leadership & Advisors

As the co-founder & CEO of Third Summit, Matt Cimaglia not only spearheads an ecosystem that revolutionizes production workflows, asset management, and remote collaboration but also brings to the table a deep-rooted legacy in the creative and broadcast industry. His journey, enriched by over two decades of leading an award-winning creative agency, is notably marked by an unwavering commitment to innovation.

Brian Meaney is the Head of Product at, bringing with him an extensive background from his tenure at Apple and Magic Leap. His career highlights include leading UX design and product development for video applications like Final Cut Pro X and contributing to the pioneering AR technology at Magic Leap, showcasing his deep expertise in enhancing creative workflows and empowering content creators.