Goldman Sachs alumnus Prem Moola joins Alteon team as VP of Engineering

Moola brings more than 17 years’ experience working in Wall Street tech and the drive to succeed in an exciting startup industry

The team behind Alteon, a new production ecosystem, has hired veteran Wall Street engineer Prem Moola to be its VP of Engineering. Moola brings world-class expertise in data architecture, software engineering and back-end development to Alteon, where he will oversee the build-out of its complex construction. 

Moola brings decades of experience as an engineer, analyst, consultant and startup founder for companies such as Citigroup, Cantor Fitzgerald and FX Solutions. He spent nearly 13 years at Goldman Sachs, where he merged his two passions—finance and technology—rising to become a VP in their engineering division. 

For Alteon, Moola will be managing the technology-stack development, continuing to develop Alteon’s systems and iron-clad security protocols and fostering innovation as new technology becomes available. Moola’s current focus will be growing Alteon Cloud, a SaaS platform that combines high-speed file transfer with scalable storage and collaborative tools that were once exclusively available to enterprise corporations. 

“When audiences watch creative content, they don’t always realize how much behind-the-scenes work goes into it,” Moola says. “The technology required is enormous, and Alteon Cloud has the potential to democratize that process for mainstream content creators, influencers and small businesses. That’s very exciting to me. After spending more than a decade working on Wall Street, I felt ready to tackle new challenges and thrive in a startup environment. Alteon has a lot of potential, an impressive early product and an expert team behind it.”

Later in 2021, the Alteon team will leverage Moola’s financial background to help build Alteon Pay, a payment processor designed for the gig economy, which will unlock financial freedom for freelancers and content creators. 

“As soon as we met with Prem, we knew we wanted to bring him on,” says Matt Cimaglia, CEO and co-founder of Alteon’s parent company, Third Summit. “He understands our vision and goals, and his technical expertise positions him as a great leader for our development team.” 

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