Cimaglia in Forbes: How A Remote Workforce Mitigates Risk

Today in Forbes, Third Summit co-founder and CEO Matt Cimaglia published an article on a little-appreciated benefit of remote workforces: risk mitigation. Recalling a vicious snowstorm that paralyzed his home city years ago, Matt discusses the ways in which his current company is better suited to handle unpredictable risks while addressing the shifting attitudes towards remote workers across the broader economy.

“Companies are demonstrably moving in this direction. Between 2005 and 2017, there was a 159% increase in the number of people telecommuting to work, according to a study by Global Workplace Analytics. The ability for companies to mitigate their downtime following a natural disaster is further evidence of the future-proofing mentality that remote-minded companies follow. To that point, cloud storage companies themselves routinely emphasize reliability in their marketing, because their own servers are safely spread out across the world. No one’s eggs are in one basket anymore.”

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