Cimaglia in Entrepreneur: The Future of Video Advertising Is Artificial Intelligence

Today in Entrepreneur, Third Summit co-founder and CEO Matt Cimaglia published an article looking toward the future of video advertising. In it, he offers readers a behind-the-scenes look at the rapidly evolving post-production industry, highlighting the ballooning tailored-advertising sector as a particular harbinger of an A.I.-driven future.  

“This isn’t science fiction — this is happening right now. We are witnessing a moment in video marketing history, like moments experienced across other industries disrupted by the digital revolution, where human editors are becoming obsolete. This is the next step in personalized advertising, tailoring content to individuals rather than the masses. Savvy agencies are turning to artificial intelligence for help making those new, specialized creative decisions. It’s the same logic that’s long overtaken programmatic banner and search advertising, machine learning and chatbots: There are some things computers can do faster, cheaper and more accurately than humans.”

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