Cimaglia in Entrepreneur: Stop Scapegoating Technology

Third Summit co-founder and CEO Matt Cimaglia was published in Entrepreneur today. His piece aims to dispel the common arguments against adopting new technology. Rapidly evolving technology, he writes, should not discourage business leaders from adopting future-oriented best practices.

During his years as a consultant for larger agencies, he repeatedly attempted to steer them toward more agile workflows, but kept butting up against resistance. As he puts it:

“In many cases, these legacy companies saw unknown technology as the biggest hurdle, which creates a cycle. The bigger the hurdle, the more they focused on it. How often, at your own legacy company, have you complained about your company’s tech infrastructure? Maybe it was an unintegrated piece of marketing stack, an outdated email server or a cumbersome content management system that makes a nightmare out of finding basic media assets. The ramifications of those decisions affect entire companies for years.”  

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