Forging the path toward
a new agency structure.

Connecting growing corporations, independent freelancers and enterprise-grade services

Third Summit is assembling a collective of agile companies that offer full-stack, enterprise-grade digital media and advertising solutions to the mainstream marketplace. For decades, larger agencies have dominated the advertising and communications arena—but that model is declining, while tighter, specialized companies and self-employed business owners are rising in their place. By fostering a powerful, centralized ecosystem of entrepreneurial assets, from small businesses to worldwide freelancers, Third Summit will help independent creators, small agencies, developing brands and corporate in-house teams attain workflows and technology that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Part of the Third Summit Ecosystem

Third Summit focuses on enterprise software, cloud computing, advertising technology and matching companies with freelance content creators. Our companies work synergistically, competing with multinational agencies while retaining the agility of a startup.   

Paving a new path
from experience

The leadership team and advisors at Third Summit come from a variety of professional backgrounds in media, finance, business and marketing, but are united by their vision for what the future of digital marketing could be.

Matt Cimaglia

Todd Sandoz


Erik Ahlin
CEO & Co-Founder

Jean-Paul Bonjour
CTO & Co-Founder 

Kirk Chartier
Enova International

Danielle Goodsell
HR Business Partner 
Insperity HR

Jonathan Holland
Dir. New Payment Flows 

Gil Kazimirov
Former Operations Manager 

Daniel Kenyon
CEO & Founder
Furious M VR

Damian McKenna
CEO & Co-Founder 

Oona Rokyta
CEO & Founder 

Noah Wise
Technology Manager 
The Walt Disney Company

Emmanuel Yapo
Modern Aviation